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80 Stories, 80 Days: Lemonade Stands, Ice Cream Socials and Kids Helping Kids

This inspiring story is a part of our 80 Stories, 80 Days campaign. For every story we collect through this campaign, Unique Connect will make a donation directly to our organization, so please submit your story now.

Written by Ally and Ava Levings:

Ally, Ava and friends presenting an
adaptive bicycle to a Variety child.

Our mom is involved in Variety, so we’ve had a chance to see all of the great efforts to raise money to allow children with special needs to gain mobility. Last summer, we enlisted several of our friends to put together a summer of activities to raise money for Variety with the goal of purchasing an adaptive bike for a child. We all spent the summer doing lemonade stands, ice cream socials, bake sales, etc. We then held one big event – a Bingo Night fundraiser. We invited Variety families, our own friends and families and the community. We were able to raise enough money to present an adaptive bike to a child, and it was so special to see this child loving and enjoying the new bike.



Through our 80 Stories, 80 Days campaign, we are asking all of you who have been touched by our organization in any way to share your story and help us gain more support for Kansas City children with developmental disabilities.

Unique Connect will donate directly to us for every story we collect through this campaign, so please submit your story now

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