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Variety Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City provides local children with special needs the adaptive equipment and opportunities necessary for activity and inclusion. Variety helps purchase wheelchairs, ramps, vans, prosthetics, and much more. The foundation accomplishes this mission through financial donations as well as in-kind support.

Thank you for considering donating to Variety Children’s Charity, Federal Tax ID #23-7431670 as a recipient of your charitable dollars. Your gift can be unrestricted, or you can specify the donation to impact the one of the pieces of equipment listed below.

    • Bicycle Helmet $15
    • Sponsor a Variety Teddy Bear $25
    • Sponsor child’s participation
      in a special outing $50
    • Walking Cane for blind child $75
    • Repair Gently Used Bicycle $100
    • Portable Van Ramp $500
    • Adaptive Bicycle (for children with
      balance issues)
    • iPad with Software (communication device for
      kids with cognitive disabilities
    • Hearing Aid $1,000
    • Stair Lift $1,500
    • Adaptive Jogger $1,500
    • Home Ramp Construction $1,500
    • Adaptive Stroller $2,000
    • Special Needs Car Seat up to $2,000
    • Adaptive Bicycle (for children with limb deficiency) $3,500
    • Motorized Wheelchair Van Lift. $3,500
    • Power Wheelchairs (to fund insurance gap) $4,000
    • Pre-owned Mobility Van with Lift $10,000 
    • Adaptive Playground Equipment $20,000
    • Mobility Van $30,000

*Amounts greater than $100 will go towards important medical equipment including things such as adaptive bikes, walkers, strollers, wheelchairs, communications devices, adaptive playground equipment, van ramps, and more. Please see below pricing of additional equipment Variety purchases for kids in the Kansas City area.

Click below to make a donation today to help a Variety child!